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(14 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

battle of the bands... [09 Oct 2003|10:27am]
in decmeber, there will be a Battle of The Bands at my school...

if anyone is interested in playing, let me know and i can give you contact information...

last year some kickass bands played, and this year is looking good too...so let me know...

(7 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

yea...you know who you are...i think... [30 Sep 2003|03:29pm]
"my hands are at your throat and I think I hate you
but still we'll say, 'remember when' just like we always do"...


how much does life suck, when school is your only escape, but its one of the places you want to escape from...

(5 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

eh...a public entry... [26 Sep 2003|05:13pm]
once and for all the stupid people...the screen name is, dreamed your ego died...

being grounded is awful, i feel like im losing everyone... and i miss a ton of people, adam bcuz i loooove him, hanging out with court, bradon even if he does hate me, mark even tho i shouldnt and he hates me i sitll miss the good times, stepppphii, christine and meg and jenn (sometimes) and shannon and amanda and sarah, chris and unfortunatly enough to say mike...

p.s."point ur gun in another direction, now that uve cried urself to sleep"

(2 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

so long sweet summer... [14 Sep 2003|01:41pm]
[ mood | cranky ]

i miss mark.
and i miss brandon.

(10 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

whoa whoa dark. [02 Sep 2003|08:05pm]
my hair is so dark... its almost black, eh it will fade the next time i wash it and get a little redder.

so to add to the scary shit thats been happening...the other me and court were driving, i started reaching for the mirror, but courtney didnt notice, and shes like can you fix the mirror, and i knew she was going to say it, without knowing the mirror needed to be moved...and then today was the worst, we were going to see her dad at work after getting my check, and we were on a back road, and i didnt have my seat belt on, and then i just suddenly grabbed it and put it on wicked fast, so courtney slowed down cuz she didnt know what was wrong, and we went around a blind turn and there was a truck backing up really fastly into the road...we would have hit it...

so yup, fucking weird.

and on with the hair...

Our eyes are always open devoted to perfection through silenceCollapse )

(ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

9.9.03... [30 Aug 2003|08:40pm]
so i really want to get around to gauging my ears bigger...but i reallly dont want to pay for another taper...so

does anyone have a taper/stretcher bigger then 2 gauge that i could borrow?

p.s. september 9th, The fiction we live. from autumn to ashes.

(8 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

say no to pennyloafers... [25 Aug 2003|08:17pm]
me and court went school...shopping...

p.s. i cut my hair more, in the back tho, its real short

Read more...Collapse )

(9 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

[16 Aug 2003|08:54pm]
does anyone have an lj code i can borrow, i can get you one back...

i feel like one of those idiot people asking...

(1 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

hah. i hate life. [15 Aug 2003|01:36pm]
im sorry ill never be perfect

p.s. heyy mom, dad. grounding me is not going to help. its just going to make me worse, depress me more, you are keeping me from the one thing i need, my friends. i hope you enjoy knowing you are the cause of my sadness. i hate you.

(11 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

[28 Jul 2003|08:40pm]
fuck you all.

wow you have no life.

mark, call me.
aniela kicks my ass.
courtney, member the discussion of corn bread.
brandon, you kicked so much ass last night.
whoever fucked with this, fuck you.

(ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

<333 [18 Jul 2003|10:32pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

whoa. whoa. whoa.

(6 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

well... [16 Jul 2003|06:27pm]
[ mood | thoughtful ]

so, i may be needing to make some...apologies, i suppose you would call them. most of you know what ive been doing for the past 2 months (including the 'rents) and i was going through a lot of, tough, stuff. and i kinda lost hold of what i was doing. and i know, a lot of friends didnt really like what was happening, but i found myself in it. so i guess some good came out of it right? but my many apologies to whoever i hurt in this process, i suppose my only excuse was, well, the past 6 months, although very good at times, very, depressing and lonely at others. but im back on track, got someone whose making me feel better and happy, and well making me feel like me again. without all the crap i was doing before. so thank you for standing by me, for the ones that did. and if you didnt, i understand. just know, i found myself, who i am, really, who i am. my apologies to everyone i hurt, i love you all. and you all know it.

heres a few special ones...

eric, well where to begin with you. you are an great person and im glad ive been able to spend these last 6 months, good or bad with you. and i do still care about you. im sorry for everything i did to you, i realize now, i did it wrong. i did everything all wrong, and i really apologize. i also, well, want to thank you for helping through everything, for being there, and helping me learn a lot about myself. so im supposing this is my finally letting go of you, "no last kiss, and no goodbye" as from autumn to ashes says, this is my last goodbye. "i wish you joy and happiness, but above all things i wish you love"

courtney, i couldnt have asked for a better best friend. you are always there and hope you always will be, you know everything, and through it all, youve stayed by me. i cant wait till you get back so i can tell you everything. ive done some shitty things to you to im suspecting, so i apologize profusly, never meant to hurt you.

adam, well i suppose this is where i say you were right, and i was wrong.

and mark, thanks, you make me so happy, and you are helping me get out of this, although you dont really know what most of this is, ill tell you tho. you put a smile on my face, and thats what i need now. im keeping my fingers crossed, cuz for some reason i think this could go good...<3

p.s sorry for the emo/sappy stuff. needed to do it.

(2 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

get off your lazy ass. [09 Jul 2003|03:15pm]
fuckkkkk you mother.

oh no, are you going to ground me now?! I know youre going to read this, cuz you have to invade my fuckkking privacy. Oh well.


your own kids dont even like you. Hahhaa. you suck at being a mom, oh what a fuckking surprise.

(7 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

it is true, dear. [08 Jul 2003|08:34pm]
i would take my two fingers, trace them over your heart, and erase the mistakes, if only you would let me.

(3 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

boredom. [05 Jul 2003|12:02pm]
all through the night ill be standing over you
all through the night ill be watching over you
and through bad dreams ill be right there,
holding you hand, telling you everything is all right
and when you cry ill be right there
telling you were never anything less than beautiful
So dont you worry
im your angel standing by

Holy wack, unlyrical lyrics Andre, youre fuckin right...Collapse )

(ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

finch. [04 Jul 2003|03:37pm]
[ mood | flirty ]


(ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

blah. [01 Jul 2003|06:54pm]
[ mood | envious ]


(2 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

courtneys pictures :) [29 Jun 2003|07:39pm]
[ mood | my tooth hurts :( ]

courtney and mal

no into needed here...the crew

me and nate!! lol we ARE better than charlies angels.

me and courtney at the ballon festival, trying on hats.. lol

(2 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

lalala pictures. [29 Jun 2003|02:10pm]
im grounded, which equals, being very bored.

so heres pics for your enjoyment :) or well, maybe not enjoyment...lol


i heart youCollapse )

(7 days go by | ill fake a smile for you my dear.)

[26 Jun 2003|03:23pm]
[ mood | awake ]

im a failure at life.

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